Dressed Up by Lisyanet Rodriguez and Elaine Vilar Madruga (Ongoing Event)

Event Type: Art Exhibitions
Age Group(s): Family (All Ages)
Date: 11/3/2018 - 2/3/2019
 Lisyanet Rodríguez is a metaphor and rootstock maker. Her work, at ease, enjoys a double condition: on one hand, the centralization of the admitted beauty as a clear drive, and on the other hand, the ascension of strangeness turned into the space in which the fruition of the unsettling is generated. Her works reveal themselves as authentic allegoric tapestries that do not invoke fiction exactly as one might think, but instead they approach her own life as a visual biography of what her childhood once was. These works should not only be read—or at least not just—as aesthetic formalizations narrating a great technical virtuosity. They should be read as a symbolic revelation of her personal and family story, as the emphatic treaty that registers all clues and hints of a certain existence, the snapshot of a present seeking to cross paths with the past. To the same extent I worship words and invite them to be a substantial member of my world, Lisyanet—in her own way—turns the fiction of art into the essence of life. She builds a private mythology that dwells at its own will and whim. The characters that inhabit this world with her seem freed from an odd land, from an island perhaps. The silence of their spaces and blindness disclose them stripped from their competencies and powers. These characters appear to speak out against stereotyped worlds, announcing their happiness while singing their confusing bitterness. Their lives fluctuate between the trivial and the mournful, the verbal density and epiphany.
From there, perhaps, that particular magnetism crosses through her imagery turning it into an ally for remembrance. Lisyanet, who is part of a generation that shares a derivative accent bearing certain sense of constant quoting, has attained something vital for an art piece’s consolidation and prevalence: the creation of a personal style based on the postulation of a personal and unique voice. She has been able to generate poetics per se. And none of this stems from the grandiloquence of anthropological searches or trendy pseudo conceptualisms that, from time to time, result in noisy caricatures of triviality—and vanity. In Lisyanet, said finding is indeed produced through an inquiry of her life’s passages.

Andrés Isaac Santana
Exhibition Curator
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